And the winner is…

The winner of the autographed book giveaway is…Megan Velasquez! Congratulations!

Megan is a laid back 20 year old from Arizona!  Megan is currently unemployed because she was committed to taking care of her niece for the first year of her life! Megan will soon start college this year in hopes of pursuing a degree in photography.  Megan has a loving, kind, and helpful heart and in her spare time loves to help out her sisters with her little nieces.  Another passion of Megan’s is helping children that require special needs and giving back to the community.  When she is not with family, Megan is with her friends probably listening to her favorite artists Jordin Sparks or Selena Quintanilla.

Again, Congratulations Megan and thank you so much for you support!  You definitely deserve this prize!

1 thought on “And the winner is…”

  1. Megan is pretty. Congratulations! However, I hope she doesn’t lose as many brain cells as I did when I read your book. It was terrible! Nothing but pointless bitching. If you wanted your daughter, you shouldn’t have given her away. Twice, albeit.

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