I want to hear YOUR stories!

Hey everyone!

This will be short and sweet.  I have shared my story and I believe yours is just as important, so now I want to hear from YOU and feature you on my blog.  I will be reading comments, taking messages via my Facebook page and Twitter and selecting the very first person (or people) to feature!  You can also send me a tweet or leave a comment with your contact information as to why you think your story should be heard! We will work together to create a beautiful post just for you. This could be a perfect way to be heard and say everything you’ve always wanted to.  You can remain anonymous as well, if you’d like.  I look forward to hearing from you!!!

4 thoughts on “I want to hear YOUR stories!”

  1. I suck at writing but. I was 16 when my mom decided to get pregnant and have a baby she was 42 at the time . My mother had a stroke during child birth and almost didn’t make it . They performed an emergency C-section and brain surgery at the same time . After months of being in a coma she had to learn to talk, walk and eat all over again . All meanwhile I was coping with losing a mother and having to take care of her newborn baby. Growing up she wasn’t the most loving mother she neglected her kids . Now I had to take care of her and her baby . It was a lot to handle bein an adolescent . A little After my sister was born I found out I was pregnant with my daughter . I didn’t have parents to take care of me or give me advice I didn’t know what to do . That’s a short version of my story but my daughter is now 8 years old in the 3rd grade and she’s my reason for not giving up on life . I also just had my son . He’s 4 month old . Since you shared I shared . But please don’t share with any one else . Thank you !
    Good luck on the pregnancy I hope you have an amazing and safe delivery .

  2. Wow, that is an amazing story! I approved it before I read the last line, but if you’d like to be heard, we can feature this anonymously. I changed your name to anonymous. Or we can use your first name. Let me know. Either way, this is amazing and I am so happy that you shared. Thank you!

  3. Thanks . Anonymously Will be ok. Iv thought about writing my own book but it’s scary putting yourself out there .

  4. When I first saw your story it was a touching moment, but it was later in life that I really understood your situation and how strong and brave you are.
    At a one point I was having sex with this guy, he wasnt my boyfriend, we werent dating or anything, we were just having sex and then I got pregnant, Of course he ran away as soon as I told him and didnt want anything to do with me or his baby. It was a hard time for me cause I had a daugther at a time. I was raped and got pregnant with my first. I thought about abortion but couldnt do it. So I ended having my daugther.
    But there I was pregnant for a second time. hardest moment in my life. I was still living with my mom and she was supportive and all but she made things clear from the first moment “I had to find a solution” cause she has other two child to take care of, So I understood that now it was my time to be a mom and raise my girl by myself and find a way to raise two kids.
    I had a couple of sleepless nights and going through instagram I found a page of a couple looking to adopt. I contacted them but then it didnt work. Dont know why honestly. So I kept looking and found the perfect couple !! they were the sweetest people and I started to talk with them. Daily. Text and emails and facetime. We got to know each others and I decided to place my baby with them. I knew my heart was settled in adoption because they could give my baby everything that at the moment I wasnt able to. I really wanted my baby to have the best life. But I knew that I wasnt the best for her. So knowing that they wanted to have an open adoption and they already loved my baby as much as me I knew it was the best desicion.
    I wont lie I cried so many nigths, I felt heartbroken I wouldnt get to see her first smile, her first steps, would she hate me for placing her? would she understand that I did it for love? so many questions. so many feelings.
    as my due date was getting closer the adoptives parents had complications with their homestudy being complete on time and that made them unable to adopt. we try to find ways to fix the problem but couldnt. I was there again, with no solution, with no answers, and I knew I couldnt look for another adoptive parents cause my heart was on them. I knew I could place my baby with anyone else. then I decided it was a signal for me to raise my baby. So I started looking for help here and there. I needed to find a way to make it possible. So I did. It was the hardest time, I was around 7 or 8 months pregnant and I sold a lot of my things, I found a job and applied for medicaid again (there was something wrong with my name so I had no insurance)
    then I finally gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl and somehow I was able to keep her.
    I know try to help girls that think they cant support their babies to look every resource possible to get help and if it doesnt work then help them to find an agency to work with or to find the perfect match for their adoption.
    Thank you for inspiring people.
    I know am sure theres a silver lining for every one 🙂

    ps sorry for the typos :S

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