My pregnancy

My pregnancy has been going good so far, but I just wanted to clear up the rumors.  I asked for prayers on Twitter the other day, but no I did not miscarry.  Me and Justin went and got an ultrasound and I am supposed to be 8-weeks, but according the doctor, I probably ovulated late because of my birth control and the sac is only measuring 6-weeks. There was no baby seen, but that’s because I may be way too early to tell anything.  I go back on Monday to find out what the issue is.  That is why I am asking for the prayers.

I am still exhausted, and I never really ever had any morning sickness. I’ve gained a little weight and have had no spotting or anything like that.

So, I was just asking everyone for prayers and hoping for the best.  I don’t see how I could have ovulated that late and conceived 5 days before my missed period, but I’m praying my birth control really did cause that.  I know God has a greater plan or maybe this was some type of wake-up call because I’ve been so stressed out.

I wasn’t going to say anything, but I really need all the prayers I can.  I’m going through so many different emotions.

Thanks 🙂


It’s true! I’m pregnant with baby number two!

As all of you may know, I am pregnant for the second time with my long time boyfriend Justin Lane, who also happens to be the father of my daughter Callie.


I just wanted to offer you a quick, personal perspective about how things are between us and why we are ready for a baby.

I know it’s early to announce, but I’m so excited and I’ve had two doctor visits already and my body is holding the baby perfectly!

This wasn’t an “accident” this time.  Not to say that Callie was accident, but at 17 and 18 we definitely weren’t ready for a baby.

We are 22 and 23, both doing extremely well for ourselves and sure, we aren’t married, but have we ever done things traditionally?

Also, Justin is putting money aside every day and saving up for a ring.

We plan to get married sometime after the baby is born AND guess what guys?

I DID IT! Remember all my hope and dreams of graduating college, especially for Callie? Well, I did it! (Almost.)  As of May, I will be an official college graduate…with a bachelor’s degree!

It’s hard and we don’t know what Callie will think, but we will make it work and I pray she will understand when she is older and when that time comes.

I promise I will write more later, I just wanted to clear the air with that.  I am also going to turn this into a mommy-type blog.  I’m going to be breastfeeding, so I’ll be writing a lot about that, too! 🙂  Can’t wait to keep you updated once again!!!