The Final Stretch

Driven to the brink of dying from exhaustion, Baby Phoenix Lane (6.5 lb baby and an extra 30+ lbs on mom) will be making his appearance any day now.

My anxiety has driven me mad these past nine months and I’m trying to make the best of what I have left, since this could very well be my last pregnancy and baby. However, I don’t feel I can hold him in any longer, but I’ll for sure have him no later than the 20th. I’m 36 weeks today by LMP & 37 weeks, 1 day by his size.

Despite how hard it’s been, there are several things that I’m thankful for this year in this pregnancy.  I’m thankful for mine and baby’s health.  There have been no complications and been pretty smooth sailing almost this whole time, until this final period that I’m sure us moms know all too well.  There are no new stretch marks from what I had with Callie. (knock on wood!) I’m grateful for the endless support from family and my friends as well as Callie’s excitement to welcome her little brother and lastly, the Lords undying love for me and this baby.

Things have been rocky this pregnancy and I’d be lying if I said it was the picture perfect one that I had always dreamed of after what I went through with Callie, but I’ve almost made it through.

I just pray every day for a peaceful welcoming into this world for my little man as well as understanding as him and his big sister grow older.  I also pray for the wisdom and patience for me to find the right words for them as they mature.

I know there’s a plan for me and my son.  I go to counseling every single week and still work every day on patience and slowing down, taking a deep breath and taking things one day at a time.

Happy new year! Come on little dude! Ready to meet you.

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